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Grade 3 to 6

Voyage a cappella, vol. 1


Naouli, passino, maboadi, toukoudinga...

These are not magic words, but they might have the same power! Inspired by oral traditions from several regions of the world, singer Régine Gesta, from Tribal Voix, proposes several exercises to unleash students’ creativity through a cappella singing.

After finding a stable pulse marked by feet, students are invited to repeat two- or four-bar melodic cells on onomatopoeia, and then improvise their own cells. Motifs for body percussion are also suggested.

Over the 5 songs, different rhythmic and melodic cells are combined to create impressive musical mosaics!

If the book’s explanations worry you a little, you can first rely on the audio material to understand better. Since the music comes from oral traditions, the book is intended primarily for the preparation of the teacher, who can then teach the cells to the students.

The collection includes:

• An educational presentation
• Sound games
• 5 original songs (explanations, scores and diagrams)
• Expression games (singing Grammelot language)

The CD includes:

• Audio tracks for playing voice games
• Audio tracks of demonstrations by Tribal Voice
• Audio tracks of the songs in full version
• Audio tracks of each individual cell
• Scores in PDF format (identical to those in the book)

List of vocal games

• The Voice Elevator
• Sound Drawing
• Walking on the Pulse
• Singing One’s Name
• Box of Onomatopoeia
• Onomatopoeia Loops
• Onomatopoeia declinations
• Accompaniment (choirs, countermelodies, sound reactions)
• The Conductor’s game
• Scales on Onomatopoeia List of songs
• Singuetingue (5 motifs of 2 measures, in canon)
• Gongo (1 rhythmic part and 2 parallel melodic vocals)
• Badoun (1 accompanying vocal and 2 parallel melodic vocals, in 12/8)
• Sou wélé (2 rhythmic parts, 2 accompanying vocals and 1 melodic vocal)
• Yélonla (2 rhythmic parts, 1 accompanying vocal, 1 melodic vocal)


6- Démonstration - Voudawatché
7- Démonstration - Wonatoué
8- Démonstration - Létéidou
9- Démonstration - Katactoa
10- Démonstration - Aritinatch
11-12- Singuetingue
13-16- Gongo
17-20- Badoun
21-40- Sou wélé
1- Jeu vocal - Ascenseur vocal
2- Jeu vocal - Cotawéni
3- Jeu vocal Bascslavo
4- Jeu vocal - Afississola
5- Démonstration – Issawéa
41-48- Yélonla
Author : Régine Gesta
Codes: Document and CD - FZ70735
ISBN Number: 978-2-84169-218-7
Number Of Pages: 48