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Preschool, Grade 1 to 4



30 attitudes to work on, 3 stories to stage them

This publication is the fruit of Charlotte Miller’s years of reflection and experience in teaching young children about the value of dance movements. Her approach, largely inspired by the principles of yoga and qi gong, focuses on the fundamental importance of breathing and doing the right gesture to match any posture. With that in mind, the author also insists on the necessity for the educator to adopt a benevolent and positive behaviour to allow the child to find motivations able to release new energies within him and to harness his or her complexes and emotions.

In order to adapt her approach to the intended users, Charlotte Miller uses stories and games to back her suggestions which, by appealing to the child’s imagination, prove to be a powerful vector of harmony in the relationship with the adult and an element of consensus with all the participants.

Such an approach will allow children to be guided in a progressive, playful and organized way for them to discover their body and master their movements, and will confirm that dancing is first and foremost a child’s game.

List of sequences
• The Picnic (easy, 4+ years old)
• A Day at the Beach (easy, 4+ years old)
• A Strange Dream (easy, 4+ years old)

The book includes:
• Advices on how to set up
• Frequently Asked Questions
• 2 breathing exercises
• 3 stories with detailed tables of sequences
• Colour pictures that illustrate the movements

The CD includes:
• 3 soundtracks with a voice that tells the movements to do
• 3 soundtracks with music only


1-4 Le pique-nique (8 min 30)
2-5 Un jour à la plage (9 min)
3-6 Un rêve étrange (7 min 30)
Codes: Document and CD - LUG1014
ISBN Number: 978-2-36857-0401
Number Of Pages: 48