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Quand la compétition va trop loin


The book — Quand la compétition va trop loin

It’s finally summertime and that means that Nathan and his family are heading to their cottage on the lake. They will spend the entire summer swimming, fishing and best of all Nathan will get to hang out with his cottage friends, Liam, Samuel, Anne and Chloé. Whenever Nathan, Liam and Samuel get together, they love to play their favorite game called “Daredevils.” Daredevils is a game of dares, challenges, competition and the ultimate game of “chicken.” Although this game started out to be very harmless and even silly, it seems to have grown into a very dangerous and competitive game. Nathan had never turned down a challenge, especially when it came to the game of Daredevils even if it meant doing something risky. Nathan used to think that there was nothing worse than being crowned the “chicken” for the entire summer just because you didn’t want to do a dare. Then suddenly, everything changed! What will happen when these summertime friends find themselves in a very dicey situation all because of a dare?

Collection Choisir

Choisir is a series that focuses on specific situations where children are faced with a decision. Whether it is a challenging and dangerous competition, instigating a fight, ignoring the safety rules or becoming obsessed with winning; each book demonstrates how important our decisions really are and how some decisions can lead to negative outcomes. Choisir shows that making a good decision can lead to safer situations, better relationships, positive self-esteem and an overall rewarding and healthy lifestyle.

Title F&P Clay MEES Qc M.É. Ont.
 La sécurité sur Internet T 29 29 17
 Les conflits T 29 29 17
 Quand la compétition va trop loin T 29 29 17
 Utilisation et surutilisation des jeux   vidéos T 29 29 17


Codes: Book - 85413
ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-541-3
Number Of Pages: 32
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