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Les conflits


The book — Les conflits

William and Félix are identical twins and best friends, but they have completely opposite personalities. William is quiet, easy going and does his best to stay away from conflict, whereas Félix on the other hand is mischievous, confrontational and will often go out of his way to cause trouble. Félix never really thought much about the way he acted until one day his instigating behavior leads to an explosive situation, mistaken identity and ultimately regret. Something bad had to happen for Félix to realize that causing conflict was not really as much fun as he had once thought. Instead, it can have negative and irreversible consequences, in which a situation can easily get out of control. Will Félix change his ways and stay out of trouble, no matter what happens? Another naughty twin adventure addresses the issue of conflict. It recognizes the need for children to learn basic conflict resolution skills by showing what can happen when a disagreement between individuals gets out of control.

Collection Choisir

Choisir is a series that focuses on specific situations where children are faced with a decision. Whether it is a challenging and dangerous competition, instigating a fight, ignoring the safety rules or becoming obsessed with winning; each book demonstrates how important our decisions really are and how some decisions can lead to negative outcomes. Choisir shows that making a good decision can lead to safer situations, better relationships, positive self-esteem and an overall rewarding and healthy lifestyle.

Title F&P Clay MEES Qc M.É. Ont.
 La sécurité sur Internet T 29 29 17
 Les conflits T 29 29 17
 Quand la compétition va trop loin T 29 29 17
 Utilisation et surutilisation des jeux   vidéos T 29 29 17


Codes: Book - 85390
ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-539-0
Number Of Pages: 32