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Grade 2 to 4

Une histoire de pêche - Roman B


Du plaisir à lire is a collection in literacy written to initiate children to read and help them become autonomous readers. Each book of the series Roman B will please children who are starting to read small novels. Clear and playful texts as well as beautiful illustrations will instantly charm them.

Renaud is excited. He will spend a week at his grandparent’s chalet, on the shore of the Deux Baies lake. Renaud imagines the exciting fishing trips promised by his grandfather. According to an Amerindian legend, an enormous bass lives in this lake. Renaud firmly intends to catch this big fish. To do this, he will have to be good and brave. Will he do it?

Title F&P Clay MEES Qc M.É. Ont.
 Course contre le sablier Q 27 27 16
 Frissons à l’hôpital R 28 28 16
 La sandale fantôme Q 27 27 16
 La station météo P 26 26 16
 Le mystère du samouraï Q 27 27 16
 L’endroit secret P 26 26 16
 Un été à toute vitesse R 28 28 16
 Une amitié exotique R 28 28 16
 Une athlète en herbe R 28 28 16
 Une histoire de pêche Q 27 27 16


Codes: Paper Document - 85918Electronic version - 85918PDF
Number Of Pages: 40
Digital Version: