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Grade 3

Résoudre une étape à la fois 3


This document in mathematical problem solving is intended for students in 3rd grade and students with learning difficulties. You will first find a checklist allowing students to identify quickly the key words required to recognize the operation to use. Then, you will find a variety of exercises aimed at the determination the operation to use in problem solving situations. In this book you will also find a number of problems that have to be resolved by the student while respecting this 6 steps process:

  1. Identifying what we are looking for.
  2. Writing the elements needed to resolve the problem.
  3. Underlining the key word or the expression allowing to find which operation to use.
  4. Circling the operation to use.
  5. Writing the complete process with calculations.
  6. Writing the answer.

The problems are simple and have been created to help students familiarize with the problem solving process.

This document sold by Éditions de l'Envolée comes from the website It is sold here in paper format, without coil and in black and white. You may get the PDF version in colours, as well as the answer key at

Codes: Paper Document - GP294NB
Number Of Pages: 28