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Grade 1

Mon itinéraire: la lecture 1


During their first year of elementary school, students spend much of their energy learning language (vocabulary, sentence structure and text structure), and trying to understand the written texts they discover. To assist students in their learnings, here is a collection of texts showing various structures and ranging from 28 to 100 words. Sentences on the same theme, poems, rhymes, stories and descriptions are among the types of texts exploited. Thus, for first grade students, these various writings become valuable tools for developing their language skills.The books from the series Mon itinéraire: la lecture are perfect for the readers who would like more challenges. The vocabulary within the texts is intensive and diversified. Some exercices are harder than the average. The answer key is sold separately.

Author : Marcel Leblond
Codes: Paper Document - 27094Digital version - 27094PDFPaper Answer Key - 27094CDigital Answer Key - 27094CPDF
ISBN Number: 978-2-89672-709-4
Number Of Pages: 56
Digital Version: