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Grade 2 and 3

Le voyage - Roman A


Du plaisir à lire is a collection designed to introduce children to reading and aiming at helping them become independent readers. Each of the novels in this series will appeal to young people who start reading. The bright and cheerful texts as well as the superb illustrations will captivate the young readers.

Renaud is ready for departure. Rufus the dog will follow him on his journey at sea. Bella, Kimi, Thomas and Karim are gathered on the dock to say goodbye. Wind in sails, the two companions leave the port. They soon discover that life aboard a sailboat is full of surprises. Where will this great journey lead them?

The electronic version contains the novel in two different formats: PDF and HTML (ideal for computers and IWB).

Title F&P Clay MEES Qc M.É. Ont.
 À la recherche du passe-temps O 25 25 15
 Bonbon durs, bonbons mous... O 25 25 15
 La géofête P 26 26 16
 L’autographe O 25 25 15
 Le grand rôle O 25 25 15
 Le rallye des neurones O 25 25 15
 Le voyage P 26 26 16
 Mystères sous terre O 25 25 15
 Quelles vacances! O 25 25 15
 Une fête extraordinaire O 25 25 15


Codes: Paper Document - 83921Electronic version - 83921PDF
ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-392-1
Number Of Pages: 32
Digital Version: