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Grade 2 and 3

La naissance du requin


The book — La naissance du requin

Tahika is a wealthy man. He owns a harbor and boats, expensively rented to fishermen of his village. Nobody is more selfish and stingy than him. Despite famine, Tahika doesn't want to share his wealth with the poor villagers. Will he regret his acts one day?

Collection Trois pas

The collection Trois pas presents colorful stories for young readers. These stories are sorted by the level of reading difficulty: Une histoire en 5 minutes ! (a short text), Une histoire en 10 minutes ! (a moderately long text) and Une histoire en 15 minutes ! (a long text). Each book ends with three pages of activities about the text read. The electronic version contains the novel in two different formats: PDF and HTML (ideal for computers and IWB).

Title F&P Clay MEES Qc M.É. Ont.
 La forêt magique I 15 15 8
 La gardeuse d’oies I 15 15 8
 La naissance du requin I 15 15 8
 Le champ des miracles H 14 14 8
 Les figues mures I 15 15 8
 Pourquoi les animaux ont-ils une queue? I 15 15 8
 Un chien fidèle H 14 14 8
 Une nuit dans un château ensorcelé I 15 15 8



Codes: Book - 84973Digital Booklet - 84973PDF
ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-497-3
Number Of Pages: 32
Digital Version: