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Grade 3

Génie - Prêt pour l'univers social ! 3


With the Prêt pour l’univers social! collection, students will develop solid skills in the fields of geography, history and citizenship education that are seen in the elementary program. Each book is made to target a specific school year.

The themes of Prêt pour l’univers social! 3 include subjects linked to the First Nations living around the year 1500, such as their lifestyle, territories, means of communication, religious beliefs, the role of women, wars, trade, etc. Your students will learn about the First Nations while having fun, with activities like fill-in-the-blank informative texts, questions to test reading comprehension, enrichment activities such as the creation of a comic strip and a theatre play — and much more! Your students will challenge their knowledge with the Prêt pour l’univers social! collection. If you want to review the activities contained in this book, task cards are available in our subscription section on

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Codes: Paper Document - GP339NB
ISBN Number: 978-2-89757-053-8
Number Of Pages: 27