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Grade 1 and 2

Génie - Prêt pour l'univers social ! 1er cycle


With the Prêt pour l’univers social! collection, students will develop solid skills in the fields of geography, history and citizenship education that are seen in the elementary program.

The themes included in Prêt pour l’univers social! 1er cycle are connected to the modern world such as (to name just a few): location in space and time, different realities, changes happening in our lives and differences between our own environment and an unfamiliar environment. The book is complete with educational and fun activities, including fill-in-the-blank informative texts followed by questions to test reading comprehension and many more exercises. Your students will challenge their knowledge with the Prêt pour l’univers social! collection.

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Codes: Paper Document - GP364NB
ISBN Number: 978-2-89757-094-1
Number Of Pages: 26