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Alice et la sorcière


This magnificent collection recounts twelve timeless tales. Each story, splendidly illustrated, ends with a moral lesson that will be food for thought for children and adults alike. Those are the TIMELESS TALES.

Alice et la sorcière

Alice is jealous of her sister’s vegetable garden. A witch offers Alice to sprinkle the garden with bad seeds. She agrees, but the result is not what she expected. The little girl will end up caught in her own game, and will regret wanting bad things for her sister.

24 cm x 17.5 cm

Title F&P Clay MEES Qc M.É. Ont.
 Alice et la sorcière L 22 22 13
 Joe et la machine L 21 21 12
 La queue du moqueur M 23 23 13
 Le chevalier, le message et les ananas L 21 21 12
 Le garçon qui criait au loup M 23 23 13
 Le nez du chameau L 22 22 13
 Les deux constructeurs L 22 22 13
 Les extraordinaires histoire de Ted N 24 24 14
 L’histoire de Flocon de neige L 21 21 12
 Marguerite et les fleurs grincheuses L 21 21 12
 Un homme, un garçon et un âne L 22 22 13
 Une roche qui bloque le chemin M 23 23 13


Codes: Book - 85826Digital Booklet - 85826PDF
ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-582-6
Number Of Pages: 24
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