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Grade 3 to 5

100 Thematic Crossword Puzzles Junior

100 Thematic Crossword Puzzles Junior is a reproductible book of, as the title suggests, 100 crosswords puzzles. The Junior in the title implies that the book will work with a younger audience, but it also means the puzzles will work with second language learners at a more beginner level. Each unit is based on a theme. Each unit has 10 words to be studied.

To begin, an illustration is given for each vocabulary word. There is a space provided for the student to practice writing the words. The students are then given a blank crossword grid. The illustrations are repeated on the page and serve as the clues to the crossword puzzle.

There is a complete Answer Key.

100 Thematic Crossword Puzzles Junior can be used alone or with other thematically linked materials.
Author : John F. Chabot
Codes: PDF Document - FBP3815PDF
ISBN Number: 978-0-9784738-1-5
Number Of Pages: 125
Digital Version:

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