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Grade 1

Trousse de lecture attentive 1


With 20 reading units, Trousse de lecture attentive helps students to level up their reading skills by practicing their critical and in-depth reading. Step by step, your students will acquire the right tools for a better comprehension of complex texts.

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They will also develop good reading habits with the Trousse de lecture’s best practice instructions and strategies. In fact, the students will perfect their ability to make links between their own knowledge and the short text in front of them.

Short, yes, but not that easy! Indeed, these short texts are hard work. The students will have to read the text (probably twice) and write down their thinking while reading. Your students will be pleased to explore various subjects or literary genres within the texts.

In summary, the attentive reading asks the students to learn about the text content and structure, to detect inferences, and to develop their reaction on the subject. From now on, text comprehension will be a piece of cake for your students!

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Author : Josianne Landry
Codes: Reading Kit - 86861
ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-686-1
Number Of Pages: 143