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Secondary 1 and 2

Mes vraies situations-problèmes 7


Mes vraies situations-problèmes 7 consists of seven situational problems for students in secondary levels one and two. Students in level one may require guidance to solve some of the more complex problems. Students in level two will be able to complete the situational problems alone as an exercise or assessment.

The activities require that students structure their approach using three steps:
• What are we looking for?
• What are the steps to take to resolve the problem?
• The mathematical reasoning and the answer

Several of the problems require that the students provide an analysis, a choice, or a recommendation in addition to their solution. This promotes critical thinking and reasoning and clarifies the link between application and the and the significance of the answers.

The workbook includes two pages of grid paper for tracing tables and graphics. The answer key, which is sold separately, provides a complete and structured approach that allows the students to validate each step of their reasoning

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Codes: Paper Document - GP342NB
Number Of Pages: 32